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"Comparing the phenolics content in selected Brazilian red wines with selected red wines from other South American countries", Anthony Aggrey, Eduardo Oliveira, Eugenia A. de Figueirido. (PPT 1.2MB)

"Frequency Redistribution in Resonant Rubidium Vapor" by Andrew Ortiz, Joao Carlos Carvalho, Martine Chevrollier, Marcos Orià (PDF 678KB)

"Surveying the mammals of the Caatinga”, Christine Cornish, Cibele Zanon, Iardley Varjao

"A Comparison of the Baroreflex Response in Normotensive and Spontaneously Hypertensive rats Before and After Treatment with Rutin”, Heather McGovern, Thyago M. Queiroz, Valdir Braga

“Effect of Nitrate of Hexanol on the Vasorelaxation of Endothelium-Intact and Endothelium-Denuded Mesentric Arteries of the Rat”, Htet Oo San, Leonidas Mendes-Junior, Valdir Braga

“Coupling SemiConductor Lasers Through Orthogonal Re-Injection”, Jared Spaulding, Samuel Alves, Marcos Oria & Martine Chevrolier

“Capture and Preparation of Chiropterans in the Caatinga, Petrolandia, Brazil”, Katelyn Fay, CIbele Zanon, Iardley Varjao

“Cissempelos sympodialis (Warifteine) and Sida cordifolia with Acute Lung Injury”, Mary DaCosta, Marcia Piuvezam, Maria Pacheco, Teresa Ramalho

“Amazonia aestiva: Behavioral Modifications and Rehabilitation”, Pamela Tejeda, Adriana Quirino

“The Effects of Etoposide on Acute Leukemia HL-60 and Colon/Rectum HT-29 Cancer Cells”, Thomas Bodnar, Caio Lucena, Demetrius Araujo

“Cemafauna Clinical Case Study; Procyon cancrivorous”, Estafania Valencia & Adriana Alvez

“Detecting the presence of non-flying mammals in the Jamari National Forest, Rondonia, Brazil”, Katrina DeBaun & Marcelo Mazziolli

“Presence of Species according to Vegetation Type”, Alexander Esheyigba & Marcelo Mazzolli

“Species List of non-flying mammals in the Jamari National Forest, Rondonia, Brazil”, April Hampton & Marcelo Mazzolli

“Establishing the Coordinates to the RVLM in Wister Rats”, Chiamaka Agbasionwe, Valdir Braga, Matheus Monteiro

“Presence of Species According to Management Types, Rondonia, Brazil”, Andrew Rubio & Marcelo Mazzolli

“What You are Peeling Away: The Comparison of Flavonoids in Orange & Lime Peels”, Chris McMullen, Hessavacio Hassan, Eric Fuchs

“Quantitative Analysis of Alkaloids in Brugmansia”, Raniesh Hinson, Edina Aboagye, Eric Fuchs

“Screening & Spectroscopic Analysis of Nicotine in Tobacco from Cigarettes versus Nicotiana Leaves”, Travis Lageman, Abiodun Bello & Eric Fuchs

"Fear and Anxiety: The Effects of Global Climate Change Perceptions", Courtney Bledsoe, Augustus McGiver

“Diabetes Screening in Kinshasa, D.R.C.”, Jaydon Kiernan, Amanda Shedd, Jesse Victor, Yvaline Dorce, & Webe Kadima

“Clinical Studies of the effect(S) of Paropsia brazzeana on patients with type 2 diabetes”, Amanda Shedd, Jesse Vannuchi, Yvaline Dorce, Jaydon Kiernan, & Webe Kadima

“Clinical Investigation of the Effects of Musanga cecropioides on the Glycemia of Diabetics”, Jesse Vannucchi, Webe Kadima, Amanda Shedd, Yvaline Dorce, Jaydon Kiernan

“Ontology Based Assistive Interfaces for Editing Clinical Practice Guidelines”, Anthony Kirkpatrick, Isabelle Bichindaritz, Nicholas Jay, Jean Lieber, Thomas Meilender

“Introducing evidence reference in decision trees”, Jonathan Leeuwen, Isabelle Bichindaritz, Thomas Meilender, Jean Lieber, Nicholas Jay

“Protein Cytochrome 5B: Learning Protein Purification and Gene Mutation Effects on the Structure”, Gagandeep Kaur & Siddharta Sharma

“Characterizing the microbial diversity of hydrocarbon contaminated soil via capillary and pyrosequencing”, KC VerHage

“Motion Control Applications Using the Kinect”, Christopher Tylock, Alexander Merluzzi, Timothy Shih

“Examining the Relationship Between Period vs. Diameter of Asteroids”, Nicholas Powers, Anthony Smith, Chan-Kao Chang, Wing-Huen Ip

“Machine Learning and Dementia”, Conor McCallion, Song-Chung Wang, Phillip McCallion, James Teresco

“PLUTO: Applications to FERMI Bubble Modeling”, David O’Neill, Chung-Ming Ko, Shashi Kanbur

“Random Numbers and their Applications”, Guanglin Xu and Fengnan Huang

“Pulse Optimization for Amplified Ultra-Short Lasers”, Joseph Bennet and Hsu-Hsin Chu

“The Mid-Infrared Light Curve Structure of LMC Cepheids”, Chow-Choong Ngeow, S. M. Kanbur

“Using Dilution Refrigerator Technology to Perform Experiments on MoS2”, Mateusz Zuba, Yung-Fu Chen

“Exploring the Reliability of the Pan-Starrs1 Proper Motions as Compared to the PPMXL Data Set”, Thorin Kane, Wen-Ping Chen

“The Stability of Plasma Oxidized PDMS Surfaces”, Vinh Kha, Chun-Jen Huang, Shiou-Bang Yeh

“Can Playing Web Games Help Sharpen Our Brain”, Vinh Kha, Chun-Chuan Chen, Ju-Che Kuo

“Astrophysics Applications of Principal Component Analysis”, Zachary Schrecengost & Shashi Kanbur

"Methods for Finding Roots of Equotions", Liu Xinsijian

“Measuring the Point Spread Function of a Single-Plane-Illumination Microscope”, Patrick Howard, Yu-Shan Huang, Chin-Hao Chang, & Arthur Chiou

“Investigation of the Cellular Anisotropic Microrheology upon Enterohemorrahgic E-Coli (EHEC) Infection”William Resch, Yin-Quan Chen, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Pin-Tzu Su, Chien-Hsiu Huang, Juan C. del Alamo, Wan-Jr Syu,and Arthur Chiou 

“Organic Synthesis”Chau Pham & Ming Chou Chen 


“Implementation of a Serious Game in Academia: Educating Healthcare Professionals on Gender Specific Violence”, Anthony Kirkpatrick, Luana Rodrigues, Liliane Machado, Damian Schofield

“Discrete Element Modeling of a Subduction Zone”, Ben valentine, Eduardo Toledo, Eduardo Nobre, Luciana Viera, Diogo Cintura

“User Interfaces evaluation experiences: A brief comparison between usability and communicability tests”, Bryan Kern, Anna Medeiros, Rafael de Castro, Maria Clara, Jose Ivan, Tatiana Tavares, Damian Schofield

“Quantification of Polyamines Through High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography”, Nicholas Cappon, Eduardo Oliveira, Eugenia Figueirido

“Set-up for Levy Flight of Photons inResonant Atomic Vapor”, Danielle Citro, Adailton Feliciano, Martine Chevroliier, Marcos Oria

“Spatial Clusters of Lyme Diease in New York State: from 2001 to 2006”, Nathan T. Donnelly, Ronei Marcos de Moraes

“Research Training in Immunology at Brazilian University”, Enaam Al Ali, A. Alves, M. Pacheco-Oliveira, T. Mucchini, T. Ramalho, H. Costa, M. Piuvezam

“The Effect of Various Concentrations of Potassium and 4-Aminopyridine on Compound Action Potentials”, Jody Ezratty, Vanessa Fernandes, Thereza Sarmento, Juan Carlos, R. Goncalves, Demetrius Araujo

“Use of Chromatography Techniques to Identify and Isolate Chemical substances from algae to Dictyota pulchella plant”, Jones Abankwa, Raquel Bezwerra, Camila Figueirido, Annaleticia Braz, Emidio Cunha

“Influence of the Saharan Air Layer on Tropical Cyclones During the 2011 Hurricane Season”, Kateyn Barber and Humberto Barbosa

“A Comparison of Two Volcanic Ash Height Estimation Methods and their effects on HYSPLIT Volcanic Ash Model Output”, Kyle Wodzicki, Humberto Barbosa

“A Review of Terrestrial Mammals Within the Sooretama Biological Reserve, Espirito Santo, Brazil”, Ryan Laughlin, Brandon LaBumbard, Nicole VanDeuson, Marcelo Mazzolli, Aliny Oliveira

“Distribution of Parasitic Bovine Otitis in the Brazilian State of Mato Grosso do Sul”, Ryan Navarro, Fernando Paiva, Fernando do Souza Rodrigues

“A Study Case about user interfaces for LIBRAS Language”, Noor Al Jiboury, Tatiana Tavares, Alexandre Nobrega

“Species Richness Hotspots for Non-Flying mammals in the Sooretama Biological Reserve, Espírito Santo, Brazil", Brandon LaBumbard, Marcelo Mazzoli, Aliny Oliveira, Ryan Laughlin, Nicole VanDeuson

“The Synthesis, Characterization, and Study of Leishmanicidal Activity of Meglumine Antimoniate (Glucantime) in Promastigate Forms of Leishmania major”, Umarru Barrie, Mario Meneghetti, R. Omena, G. Melo

“General Analysis of Species Abundance in Sooretama Biological Reserve, Espirito Santo Brazil”, Nicole VanDeuson, Marcelo Mazzolli, Aliny Oliveira, Brandon LaBumbard, Ryan Laughlin

"Collection & Identification of Ixodid Ticks Infesting Cerdocyon thous in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil", Dr. Fernando Paiva (UFMS), Fernanda Rabelo (UFMS), Lacey Brown (SUNY)

“Anti-Cancer properties of Soursop“, Aaron Matthews, Lyndon Flynn-Roach, Marco Calvo, Eduardo Arguedas, Ana Gonzalez

“Anti-cancer properties of watercress“, Bradley Frate, Marianne Stopper, Eric Fuchs

“The Anti-Oxidant properties of Green Coffee”, Vanessa Okafor, Maame Hayfron, Eduardo Agueras, Marco Calvo, Ana Julia Gonzalez

"Biochemical Techniques for the Analysis of Proteins", Octavia Morrison, Larissa Ndiep Assam, Dr. Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay

“Library Creation and TA Cloning for HIV gp120 N88 Mutants”, Kris Barnes, Piyali Saha, Raghavan Varadarajan

“Techniques in Answering Biochemical Questions, With Special Reference to Nucleic Acids”, Larissa Assam and Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay

“Biochemical Techniques for the Analysis of Proteins”, Octavia Morrison and Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay

“Effects of mechanical Injuries on leafy greens in relation to proliferation of Escherichia coli”, Danyelle Osorio, Daniel Labuz, Sofia Windstam, Beatrix Alsanius

“Mechanically damaged baby greens and the effect of Escherichia Coli growth”, Daniel Labuz, Danyelle Osorio, Beatrix Alsanius, Sofia Windstam

“Principal Component Analysis of Variable Stars”, Chad Brooks, Leanne Guy and Shashi Kanbur

“Interpreting Gravitational Lensing Data Under Relativistic Modified Newtonian Dynamics”, Bin Lin and Chung-Ming Ko

“E-learning Course Registration”, Delvison Castillo, Sean Willson, Sanjeek Kumar, Timothy Shi

“Science Education Center, National Central University”, Mark Potter, Fiona Ching-Chi Chu

“Methods in Surface Physics Experimentation in Ultra-High Vacuum Experiments”, Hasan Khan, Meng-Fan Luo

“Single Molecular Junctions and their Conductance Properties”, Ji Su Song, Yu Hui Tang, Jay Lin, Leo Zhang

“An analysis of the Ion Tail of C/2004 Q2 (Machholz)”, Jeff van Kerkhove, Zhong Yi Lin, Wing-Huen Ip

“Investigating the Substructure of the Milky Way Through a Comparison of RAVE data to the Besancon Model”, Kate Hughes & Andreas Richter

“Hayabusa Project”, Kirby Valentin and Shinsuke Abe

“Synthesis of Active Layers of Organic Photovoltaics”, Lei Zhu & Chun-Guey Wu

“Principal Component Analysis of Variable Star Light Curves,”, Ruka Murugan and Shashi Kanbur

“Clean Energy Phenotype – Magnetic Motor Electricity Generator”, Saravut Kaskel & Fiona Chu

“Testing Theories in Fluid Dynamcis”, Wilka Carvalho & S. Shy

“Light Curve Templates for First-Overtone Cepheid Variable Stars”, Daniel Wysocki, Chow-Choong Ngeow and Shashi Kanbur


"Effects of Etoposide on the Apoptosis of HL-60 Cells", by Stefanos Haddad, supervised by Prof. Demetrius Araujo at LTF UFPB

"Frequency Bistability in a Diode Laser using Diffraction Gratings", by Forrest Smith, supervised by Prof. Marcos Oria at UFPB

"Using an Atomic Non-Linear Generated Laser Locking Signal to Stablize Laser Frequency", by Kartik Pillar, supervised by Prof Martine Chevrollier at UFPB

"User Interface Evaluation and Design for Deaf-Blind Users", by Daniel Cutler, supervised by Prof. Tatiana Aires Tavares at UFPB

"Application of Proper Design Features for Educational Games", by John McCartney, supervised by Prof. Lilliane dos Santos Machado at UFPB

"Purity Identification of Crack-Cocaine Through the Use of HPLC", by Kyle Wojciechowski, supervised by Rony Anderson and Prof. Eduardo Oliveira at UFPB

"Dynamics of Interacting Electrons in Disordered Systems", by Earl Bellinger, supervised by Prof. Francisco de Moura at UFAL

"Correlation Between Lightning and the Joplin Missouri Tornado", by Brian West and Ariel Powers, supervised by Prof. Humberto Barbosa at UFAL

"Synthesis of Catalytic Nanoparticles for Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol", by Shirley Peng, Mei-Shan Ng, supervised by Prof. Mario Meneghetti at UFAL

"The Properties of AuSiO2 Nanoparticles with Oriented Channel (CO) in Benzyl Alcohol Oxidation", by Mei Shan Ng, Shirley Peng, supervised by Prof. Mario Meneghetti at UFAL

"Parasitism of Livestock by Tryanosoma" by Lisa Cassidy supervised by Prof. Fernando Paiva at UFMG

"Cow-dung Colonization and Succession by Coleoptera and Diptera in Pasture and Fragmented Forest during the Wet and Dry Seasons in Brazil", by Julibeth Saez supervised by Prof. Fernando Paiva at UFAL

"The Abundance of D. muelleri, E. ovalis, P. albonatatus and P. fuscomaculata in Comparison to Rainfall in the Southern Pantanal (2005-2006)" by Hannah Doerrier and Janet Buckner, supervised by Prof. Vanda Ferreira at UFMS

"Precipitation Dependent Reproductive Patterns of Brazilian Pantanal Anuran Species" by Janet Buckner, supervised by Prof. Vanda Ferreira at UFMS