Hewitt Quad project

Mission statement

As a gateway to SUNY Oswego, Hewitt Quad will be an inviting space providing a first impression of a vibrant, academic community to the region. Traversing the quad will create a desire to understand rhe complex nature of the human condition, give voice to artistic expression, foster an appreciation for beauty and culture, and provide meaningful places for interdiscilinary discussion.

The Hewitt Quad will extend and refine the common archtectural and environmental elements that unify the campud, while creating exciting new spaces that reflect our importance as an academic and cultural cengter. It will exemplify our desire to create a sustainable future. Hewitt Quad will provide the university with a unique opportunity for redefined interrelationships between the natural and social sciences with the humanities and the fine and performing arts that will:

  • foster innovative, multidisciplinary spaces which serve life-long learning
  • provide diverse, exciting spaces for the performing and visual arts
  • support regional social and cultural events
  • maximize active learning and technological services
  • create physical and virtua spaces that expand opportunities for student/faculty interpersonal interactions
  • create an environment that harmonizes the natural geography with the campus
  • demonstrate a commitment to a sustainable future

The Hewitt Quad will embody the mission of the university for the twenty-first century; forward looking and bold in scope, the architectural design will become a model for the comprehensive university.

Mission statements used to guide development of the Hewitt Quad Mission Statement.