The Benefits

So, What's in it for YOU?

The benefits of getting experience cannot be overstated – just a few highlights below but the bottom line is this: quality, related experience may be the deciding factor employers use as they hire recent graduates! If you need more motivation:

Career Decision-Making: supplement your classroom learning with the realities of your field of interest. Spending time in a field in which you are interested is the BEST way to determine if you are making the best choice.

Bump Up Your Skills: apply your academic knowledge in the field and develop new – or hone existing – skills that employers are seeking!

Networking: Fun Fact: it IS who you know. Expand your network and develop relationships with professionals in your field.

Related Experience: this is what often separates candidates in the job search process. Be the candidate that can offer an employer experience related to what they need you to do.

References: you will soon need experienced professionals in your field to vouch for you as you apply for next-level opportunities. Work hard, be professional, get results – and then ask for a letter of reference to support your good work!

Resume: need we say more?

Job Offer: many organizations have developed internship/co-op programs as a recruiting tool for full-time hiring. Work hard and your experience might just land you a job at the end!

The Interview: employers want EXAMPLES that demonstrate your experience and skill set. Experience is the only way to develop your storyline and make your candidacy come alive with PROOF that you are the best candidate!