Minutes of October 19, 2011

Present: Bozak, DiMarzo, Garii, Pretzat

  • A top priority has to be to create a website every bit as thorough as the student site created last year. What we need is a portal, a simple URL that goes directly to resources for faculty so that they can learn about our campus policy, our emphasis on pedagogy, not policing.
  • We need top down leadership in order to emphasize the issue overtly and continuously in order  to change the faculty/student culture on our campus. We can do this. We think about sustainability and world cultures because of the leadership of the administration. We need to see the same emphasis on integrity. The "I" in VIEWS is "Intellectual Rigor" and the descriptions have included integrity. Plus, integrity is the topic of the first chapter of our Middle States self-study. We can be BOTH an accessible school and a rigorous school with faculty, staff and students with integrity.
  • We need to solicit advice/material from faculty who emphasize integrity in their classes. This can be the core of the new faculty site.
  • Faculty are concerned that when reporting a student that the dean will screw the student. This is not what happens. The key word is "developmental" and students can and do learn from their errors and the consequences of their behaviors.
  • Lifestyles has been contacted about Toilet Talk and getting the academic integrity topic covered sooner rather than later.
  • School of Education all uses the APA style
  • Bozak needs to update the mailing list to include Steve and Kris
  • Can we add a link to the integrity website(s) from within Angel? Can we create a simple URL for faculty to use (oswego.edu/integrity/faculty)
  • Julie will investigate knickknacks. What would we put on it? How about a circle of words like cheating, trust, lying, plagiarism, etc. with "Integrity Matters" inside the circle with the oswego.edu/integrity URL between those two words. Perhaps as a magnet to distribute to all faculty (including adjuncts, who need to know about our policy).

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak