Minutes of October 5, 2011

Present: Bozak, Garii, Hemphill, Morrison, Nichol, Woolley

  • During the recent Academic Affairs Retreat follow-up, there was discussion over the creation of a checklist/flowchart on the integrity policy and process for adjuncts, new faculty and faculty in general. Along with the checklist/flowchart would be indications of why each step is present and what (if anything) happens as a result.
  • Lisa had passed along a copy of the Law and Policy Report (9/29/11, No. 402), written by Gary Pavela. Gary is now the Integrity officer at Syracuse University. The issue speaks to "advice to faculty," which fits in nicely with one of our priorities for the year. The issue refers to the integrity website at SU, http://academicintegrity.syr.edu/faculty-resources/ which presents advice to faculty structured around 20 Q&As. This might serve as a base structure for our faculty resources site.
  • Kris Woolley will contact Shelly at Lifestyles to encourage another integrity Toilet Talk earlier in the academic year rather than later.
  • Bozak reported that chairs are responding to the request for information about citation styles used in their departments/programs. Most are obvious (psychology using APA, etc.), but the sciences can be confusing, especially geology which has styles which are journal-dependent. Once collected, we can provide them to Ray and Jim so that the library has some information about what majors use what style, and we can also summarize this in our primer. Ray/Jim will look at what various citation generators provide, and perhaps we can encourage - at least among gen ed courses - that faculty restrict style to one of those... Freshmen having five courses and needing to use 3 different styles will learn none of them well.
  • Bozak will start to put up digital signage and ask Shannon Pritting if he'd be able to oversee the creation of new signage for this year.
  • Hemphill updated us on the Angel to Blackboard conversion. It is being pushed back so that the pilot would take place spring/summer of 2013. We will be going to Angel 8 here, in order to provide support for Safari/Chrome browsers.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak