The Learners

The Learners book coverThe Oswego Reading Initiative selected The Learners by Chip Kidd as the selection for summer 2010 perusal. Each year the members of the SUNY Oswego campus and the Oswego community get together to identify a book to read during the summer. This book also becomes the focus of discussions for some of the courses in the following academic year with many events outside of the classroom that relate to it as well.


The Learners is wonderful novel written by Chip Kidd who is a well-known book-cover designer. The main character of the movel is a graphic designer starting his first job in small New Haven firm in 1961. This also happened to be a period in time where the famous obedience experiments were being performed by Stanley Milgram in Yale. Happy, the main character of the novel, gets involved in these experiments which add a whole other dimension to the book. Milgram's experiments on obedience to authority figures and others like his have lead to the creation of the federal regulations for the protection of human participants in research.


Chip Kidd will be on campus on September 15, 2010 visiting classes, giving a talk on graphic arts at 12:40 during College Hour, and then a big presentation at 7 pm. Be sure to find time to come to his talks. Chip's visit is sponsored by Student Association Programming Board, Auxiliary Services and Provost Office.