Our global and international studies program responds to widely recognized changes in the social, political and economic environment in the 21st century.

You may choose a concentration in global politics and governance, global political economy, global culture or area studies. Core courses encompass international and global events, organizations, structures, and processes — as well as the global economy, global media and the increasing world-wide cultural interconnectedness. During the senior year, you will choose either a capstone seminar in your concentration or a relevant internship in an international area. In consultation with an adviser, you can develop a more directed program of study — such as a focus on development in the Third World or on globalism.

Launch your career


Apply to live in the Hart Hall Global Living and Learning Center, and become part of a unique community of students and faculty with a deep interest in global affairs. You’ll take at least 6 credit hours of a foreign language at the intermediate level, enhancing your ability to communicate internationally. Study abroad and deepen your understanding of the culture — and your proficiency in the language — through firsthand personal experience.


Opportunities include

  • International business
  • International relations
  • Government
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Language services and education
  • Journalism
  • Advocacy organizations

Graduate studies may include

  • Legal studies
  • International relations

“(One of my favorite courses) is 'International Perspectives on Women.' I learned the reality of the women in this world, like honor killing that’s still going on in some parts of Asia. I also liked (the course) 'Human Trafficking' — I went to India over winter break. I want to work on empowerment for women.”

— Hyeji Kim ’14