Bake offs

Winners of the 2016 SEFA Bake Offs

                                                                     Winners of the 2016 SEFA Bake Offs
                                             Left to Right: Sharona Ginsburg, Susan Drobar and Myles Clendenin

Thanks to all our bakers and taste testers!  Your efforts brought in $672.35 toward the annual campaign!  SWEET!!!

Fall 2017 SEFA/United Way Bake Off ResultsEvent
Buildings Participating
Amount Raised
Marano Bake Off

Bldg. 20, Marano, King, Lee, Rich, Sheldon, Walker, Park, Rich, Shineman & Wilber

1st Place Winner: Stephanie Guynn - Not Your Mama's 7 Layer Bars
2nd Place Winner: Shelly Sloan - Mint Chocolate Cookies
3rd Place Winner: Susan Drobar - Apricot Squares
Culkin Bake Off
Bldg. 12, Culkin, Laker, Pathfinder & Rice Creek
1st Place Winner: Kelli Ariel - Chocolate Raspberry Bites
2nd Place Winner: Angela Galvin - Peanut Butter Bon Bons
3rd Place Winner: Jodi Cary - Original Tollhouse Pan
Mahar Bake Off
Hewitt Union, Lanigan, Mahar, Penfield & Tyler
1st Place Winner: Allison Rank - Nutella Brownies
2nd Place Winner: Sharona Ginsberg - Pumpkin Cheese Bread
3rd Place Winner: Mark Ladd - Carmel Corn

Special thanks to our building event chairs: Shelly Sloan, Cathy Johnston, & Laura Brown!