Housing and Residency Requirements

 1. Housing policy

The residence life program at SUNY Oswego is an integral part of the overall educational experience at the college. Living in a residential environment is a unique and rich experience providing the opportunity for students to live and work in close proximity to others whose backgrounds, goals, values and lifestyles often differ from their own; this is critical to students’ preparation for the their future lives professionally, personally and civically. Students in residence benefit from ready access to opportunities for active involvement in the intellectual and social events and organizations which contribute greatly to the vibrant life of our campus. Success at college depends on students’ ability to become engaged actively in both the academic and co-curricular aspects of campus life. Our residential community is a living/learning environment, based on specific co-curricular learning objectives adopted by the Student Affairs Division of the college which are consistent with those adopted by the Academic Affairs Division of the college. The rewards are a support network for student success and the development of a repertoire of skills, attitudes and experiences that will serve students throughout their lives in both their chosen professions and in their communities.

2. Residency requirement

The college believes that immersion in the educational environment is the preferred experience for new students. Therefore, all full-time undergraduate students who will need to establish an Oswego-area residence in order to attend the college are required to live on campus to the extent that facilities are available and utilized.

Students generally exempted from this requirement are those who: 

  • Will continue to reside with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s)
  • Will continue to reside in their official residence, which is separate from that of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s), and at which they had resided for at least three consecutive months prior to their acceptance of the admissions offer from the college
  • Are married; or
  • Are 21 years of age as of September 1 for fall admission or January 1 for spring admission

Students in these categories must submit a Request for Exemption form available on the Residence Life and Housing website and at 303 Culkin Hall.

Due to current facility availability, students who fulfill specific criteria will be considered as having fulfilled the Housing Requirement and would no longer be required to live in college housing; these students are those who first enrolled at SUNY Oswego as:

  • First year/freshmen students and have lived in residence at SUNY Oswego for four consecutive semesters (fall and spring) if admitted in the fall or three semesters if admitted in the spring.


  • Transfer students and have lived in residence at SUNY Oswego for two consecutive semesters (fall and spring) if admitted in the fall or one semester if admitted in the spring.