The Possibility Scholarship expands social mobility in the STEM disciplines and gives students the chance to gain a global perspective before entering the workforce. By integrating three transformational learning experiences, it is among the most comprehensive educational opportunities offered in the region.

Financial assistance
The Possibility Scholarship will be applied in coordination with any other grants or scholarships awarded, to assure each Possibility Scholar receives full financial support for tuition, mandatory fees, room and board for four years at SUNY Oswego. The aim is to remove all financial barriers to a college education.

The Summer Research Institute
Possibility Scholars will receive a stipend and room and board to engage in a rigorous, laboratory-based summer research experience supporting year-round knowledge building. Working closely with a faculty mentor matched to their academic interests and career goals, Possibility Scholars will exercise critical thinking skills and enter into valuable professional relationships for the future.

The Global Laboratory
Possibility Scholars will receive support for an international experience.  Scholars will benefit from a holistic learning experience that will give them practice working across borders and time zones to solve real-world problems such as mitigating climate change, controlling emerging diseases, reducing extreme poverty, developing sustainable energy resources, and wisely managing water and food systems.  Being embedded in an international community will help develop richer understanding and creative ideas for building a better world.

Possibility Scholars