Student Quotes and Testimonials

“Because of the Honors Program, I’ve learned to think more abstractly. It has helped me understand people’s differing perspectives. The Honors Program has truly enhanced my education here.”

“The faculty at Oswego is outstanding. My teachers have given me the desire to do more, to excel. Instead of lecturing to me about what they know, they make me think and stretch the limits of what I know.”

“The teachers at SUNY Oswego make the difference, especially in the Honors Program. You get a lot of attention. The professors go out of their way to help you achieve your goals. . . . The Honors Program has helped me prepare for a career by teaching me to think. You have to learn to think at a different level to be successful here. That prepares you for analyzing and solving problems on the job.”

“SUNY Oswego offers a diverse atmosphere that makes learning more than an educational experience; it makes it a life experience. . . . The Honors Program has given me a chance to explore a wide range of disciplines and has taught me to be a thinker.”

“My Honors Program teachers have helped me think about things I took for granted. They challenged me and made me grow intellectually and as a person.”

“The Honors Program has helped me learn how to learn - how to gain knowledge from everything around me. . . . It has taught me that it’s OK to question ideas that I encounter in my studies, on TV, in newspapers, in magazines, and in books.”

“SUNY Oswego is a great place to explore your many different interests, to think about your future career.”

“The advisement in the Honors Program is outstanding. There is always someone to help you find a solution to any problem you have, academic or not. The staff works with students one-on-one.”

“The Honors Program faculty have been extremely helpful. Whenever I have a problem, personal or academic, I feel comfortable going to them for help.”

“I’ve learned to look at things from all sides and think about things more. I don’t just believe what people tell me. I try to find answers for myself. . . . Being in the Honors Program means a lot to me, because I’m part of a select group, and the faculty cares about us.”

“The campus has a very friendly, cooperative atmosphere. . . . Oswego gives you a quality education, with professors dedicated to learning.”

“The Honors Program stresses cooperation, not competition. This allows me to do my best and work with other students to achieve my goals. I’m receiving a top-rate, well-rounded education at a very low cost.”