Millions around the world followed the pregnancy of April the giraffe, the unlikely Internet star who gave birth on April 15. Caring for her the whole time, and becoming a bit of a star as well, was Allysa Swilley, a 2015 SUNY Oswego zoology graduate.

Serving as April's keeper and companion at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, Swilley gained a following who saw her love and dedication to April. But despite not expecting any of this, Swilley told the Oswego alumni magazine the story provides a great opportunity to provide a positive message.

"I have so many people following me now that I have a platform to talk about animals both at the park and around the world," Swilley said. "I have the opportunity to give a voice to giraffes and hopefully other species in an effort to conserve them. Would I love for my life to be nice and quiet again? Absolutely! However, these animals and our world are far more important than me having a quiet life."

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