In an important step toward standing out in the job market, students in SUNY Oswego's spring 2020 Finance 442 “Commercial Credit Analysis” class all passed a key professional certification exam.

Graig Arcuri of the accounting, finance and law faculty saw including the Risk Management Association Credit Essentials Certificate (RMA CEC) in the course as a way to help students immediately distinguish themselves in a competitive field. 

All 37 students earned the RMA CEC by scoring an 80 or higher -- with eight attaining a perfect score -- on the rigorous 80-question test.

“With this certificate, our students get a step ahead of others as well get noticed by local bankers -- banks look for individuals with this certificate,” Arcuri explained. Demonstrating comprehension of these skills by passing this sort of independent exam distinguishes participants looking to enter this field. 

“This distinction by our Oswego finance students is another shining example of how well the curriculum is grounded in industry practice,” said Prabakar Kothandaraman, dean of the college’s School of Business.

“Industry-recognized credentials embedded in select courses results in our SUNY Oswego graduates being very attractive to potential employers,” Kothandaraman said. “This is largely due to the wonderful work by our faculty members who help the SUNY Oswego School of Business remain well connected with the industry."

The exam covers a variety of subjects, including cash flow, financial statements, projections, management, strategy, customer relations, credit, documentation and tax returns.

“I think they are amazing,” Arcuri said of the students. “From the very first day of class, they were all very focused on passing the exam, as they know how the certificate will help them land a job.”