SUNY Oswego is now formally recognized as a university. The university will continue to be known as SUNY Oswego, but its official state education title will change from “State University of New York College at Oswego” to “State University of New York at Oswego.”

This legal name change, effective January 1, 2023, was approved by Interim SUNY Chancellor Deborah F. Stanley, who was delegated authority by the State University of New York Board of Trustees to take all actions necessary and appropriate to effectuate a university designation for eligible institutions.

“This formal designation appropriately represents who SUNY Oswego is today – a premier institution proud of its shared commitment to excellence and unwavering efforts to place student success at the center of all we do,” said Officer in Charge Mary C. Toale. “Recognized officially as a university reinforces our institutional priorities; spotlights our high-quality, high-impact practices inside and outside the classroom; and underpins our mission to sustain our university and build a better world for future generations.”

This designation follows New York State Board of Regents’ new guidelines for what constitutes a university that require institutions of higher education institution to “offer a range of registered undergraduate and graduate curricula in the liberal arts and sciences, including graduate programs registered in at least three of the following discipline areas: agriculture, biological sciences, business, education, engineering, fine arts, health professions, humanities, physical sciences, and social sciences.”

SUNY Oswego’s College Council Chair James McMahon said, “This designation speaks directly to SUNY Oswego’s vision to transcend traditional higher-education boundaries and serve students wherever they are in their personal journeys. It raises the SUNY Oswego reputation of quality and access to new heights and positions us to further grow our footprint; create and strengthen mutually beneficial public-private partnerships; and serve the wider community and regional workforce.”

In November 2022, SUNY provided official documentation to the New York State Education Department to change its institutional name to the State University of New York at Oswego (SUNY Oswego). The name change was formally acknowledged by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) in December.

“We are excited about the positive impact this designation will have on enrollment, our highly touted academic programs, and future undergraduate and graduate offerings,” said Scott Furlong, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management. “Being recognized as a university will signal to prospective students and their families that SUNY Oswego is a forward-thinking, progressive university that continues to strengthen its curriculum and add innovative programs that align with industry and societal demand.”

Elizabeth Dunne Schmitt, Professor of Economics and Faculty Assembly Chair said, “The faculty are excited to move forward with this university designation and as we continue to design and facilitate rigorous and engaging educational experiences at SUNY Oswego, including our support for applied learning in many forms (internships, co-ops, service learning, student teaching, civic engagement, and undergraduate research). We remain committed to preparing students for continued success as professionals and/or with further education after their graduation from SUNY Oswego.”

“Recognition as a university will continue to add to our global reputation,” said Joshua McKeown, Associate Provost for International Education and Programs. “SUNY Oswego is already a sought-after higher education destination for students and research partners around the world. This designation and our proven track record for serving, supporting and advancing the international student population will help us grow our international presence at SUNY Oswego.”