For 2016's Move-in Day, most incoming SUNY Oswego students moved on campus on Aug. 26, bringing excitement, hopes, dreams ... and lots of packed items.

“Hi, did you ladies sign in?” Nneke Haley, a Red Carpet Crew camper asked the newest guests. As one signed in, she explained: “Then, just hop inside to register.”

The incoming students and their families had plenty of emotions. Responses included:

“I’m really excited about it. Fresh start, new friends.”

“I’m excited, I’m a little nervous because it’s the first time I’m leaving for college.”

“I’m really excited for my classes. I’ll be taking sign language, so I’m really into that.”

The process is “a little hectic, but we’re making it work,” said Haley. “We’re getting the line moving, making people happy.”

“I was still packing at like 3 o’clock in the morning, but we did it, we got all that stuff into that tiny little car,” one student said, gesturing at her belongings and her car.

Another said she’d been packing “over a month, it was a really long packing session.”

What are students looking forward to?

“I’m most excited about meeting new friends. I’m probably going to be doing a couple of clubs or rugby.”

“Just like growing as a person. I’m supposed to play lacrosse here, so hopefully I make the team. Furthering my career.”

“I’m meeting new friends and trying out for the baseball team.”

“Honestly, the meal plan.”

“My roommate. I’m excited to hang out with her and really get closer to her than I already am.”

“Seeing the fall leaves. It’s a nice place.”

“Everything. I’m like just eager to learn about it.”

“I’m on the women’s swimming and diving team, so I’m excited to get started.”

Despite all the physical activity, Haley and the other Red Carpet Crew members, who help the incoming students move in, remained upbeat.

“Happy Move-in Day to all the incoming freshmen and transfers,” Haley said. “We’re so excited to have you.”