A new COVID-19 Testing Verification resource that will allow SUNY Oswego students, faculty and staff the ability to verify they have completed the required weekly testing has rolled out, and will be required for classes and other on-campus resources as of today, President Deborah F. Stanley announced.

The new tool is intended to verify individuals are current with their testing and, as a result, may access campus facilities and services.

"Thanks to the fine work of our team in CTS, students and employees can now visit oswego.edu/covid-test-verification to verify their test status using a simple, straightforward process," Stanley said.

After logging in with your Oswego username and password, the user will receive a YES or NO badge on their smartphone:  

  • A YES appears if the person tested within the last week (M-F) or in the current week, or if they have a medical exemption (e.g., have had COVID within the last 90 days).
  • A NO appears if the individual has not tested in the last week and are not medically exempt from testing. Students in quarantine and isolation also will also receive a NO.
  • Note: Students who have been issued a non-compliance warning will receive a NO. Travel exemptions or academic exemptions also will receive a NO, as they will not be eligible to be on campus.

"This new YES/NO verification tool – that we encourage you to bookmark on your phone – replaces the need to show a GREEN dot prior to the start of face-to-face classes, or to gain access to campus facilities, including the dining halls and Penfield Library," Stanley noted. "Beginning on Monday, Feb. 22, you will be asked to show your YES badge to show that you have tested or are medically exempt."

She reminds the campus community to remember that failure to comply with Oswego’s weekly testing requirement will result in restricted access to the campus network, including Zoom and Blackboard.

In addition to weekly testing, all students and employees coming to campus for any reason throughout the spring 2021 semester are still REQUIRED to complete a daily health screen (the "Symptom Tracker" for students, and the employee screening app on the Oswego Forward website for faculty and staff).