SUNY Oswego’s third annual SUNY's Got Your Back event will bring together hundreds of people on March 5 to assemble comfort bags for victims and survivors of violence across the state of New York.

The event, hosted in the Sheldon Hall ballroom starting at noon, will feature rhythms and remarks by Zeke Thomas, a renowned DJ and activist, during the 5 to 8 p.m. bloc. Thomas speaks out in support of survivors of sexual violence, and shares his personal story of surviving rape and overcoming trauma in the hopes of sparking positive change.

The evening event also will feature an appearance by the college’s show choir, Vocal Effect.

The Oswego SUNY's Got Your Back event is free, but ticketed, with tickets available online.

SUNY’s Got Your Back provides the opportunity for students, faculty, staff and community members from across the state to create comfort kits for victims and survivors of violence, and to learn methods of better preventing and responding to violence.

To date, the effort has filled more than 30,000 bags for distribution across the state, with events at 29 SUNY institutions scheduled so far in the spring semester.

“We hope to build a New York where these bags are no longer needed, but until then we’re so thankful for the amazing work SUNY does on this issue, and for the many campus community members who play a key role in this project and for this important cause,” said Lisa Evaneski, SUNY Oswego’s Title IX coordinator.

SUNY Oswego's Title IX Office and It's On Oz co-sponsor the event.

Interested members of the campus community can sign up to volunteer online.

For more information on this ongoing statewide initiative, visit the SUNY’s Got Your Back website.