Stephen Rosow, professor of political science at SUNY Oswego, recently earned the 2018 Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Scholarly and Creative Activities, a SUNY-wide honor for "sustained intellectual vibrancy."

Respected internationally for his interdisciplinary scholarship in the areas of globalization, citizenship, capitalism and democracy, Rosow has authored or edited six books and produced a large volume of research for top-tier journals and conferences during nearly 30 years with SUNY Oswego.

Moreover, Rosow affords his students ever-evolving and occasionally all-new courses in political theory, according to political science faculty member Lisa Glidden, who is chair of Oswego's Faculty Assembly and director of global and international studies.

"Steve provides the highest quality of instruction, and works continually to redevelop existing courses and develop new ones that reflect his scholarly interests," Glidden wrote in support of Rosow's nomination for the award. "It is quite rare to find the commitment to introducing undergraduates to political theory and to critical theory. Over the last almost three decades, Oswego's students have been able to keep abreast of current developments in scholarship because they have been taught by someone who was helping to shape the field."

Former political science department chair Walter Opello, now an emeritus professor, said Rosow and he literally wrote the book laying the groundwork for a new era of thought in international politics. In a letter of support, Opello recalled many conversations with Rosow that led to the mutual realization that "the 'power politics' approach of standard international relations texts was deficient when it came to explaining the nature of the current global order."

Now in its second edition, their co-authored "The Nation-State and Global Order: A Historical Introduction to Politics" has been used widely on college campuses, Opello said.

International recognition

Rosow also co-authored, with Naeem Inyatullah and Mark Rupert, the 2004 book "The Global Economy as Political Space," Glidden said, "which reflects his commitment to broadening and deepening the way we think about global issues." She added that "Globalization and Democracy," Rosow's most recent book, co-authored with Jim George in 2015, examines globalization from a multidisciplinary perspective.

"His research areas have shifted, and he continues to contribute to his field, and even to help create new fields of study," Glidden wrote.

Bruce Altschuler, a past recipient of the Chancellor's Award for Scholarly and Creative Activities and now an emeritus professor of political science, also strongly supported Rosow for the award.

"His work as a scholar has been recognized not only nationally, but throughout the world as demonstrated by the 350 citations (of his publications) from all continents but Antarctica listed in Google Scholar," wrote Altschuler.

Rosow founded and coordinated SUNY Oswego's international studies minor, then played a leading role in developing the major program, now named global and international studies, serving as its director for seven years. He chaired the political science department for several terms, and spent three years as director of the college's Interdisciplinary Programs and Activities Center.

In summer 2011, he was named Distinguished Visiting Professor of Politics and International Relations at Australian National University. Rosow also has served as president, vice president and program chair of the International Studies Association Northeast, and on the executive committee of the ISA's Comparative, Interdisciplinary Studies Section.