The next edition of The Saloon, a student-developed program to create conversations and connections, will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 25, in Mary Walker Health Center.

The Saloon’s aim is “to facilitate a student-led space designed to bridge gaps and open pathways to new perspectives, all through conversation,” said the program’s founder, Horane Daley, a creative writing major and psychology minor. 

“Over time it’s become a group of people who come and have a vulnerable conversation they might not have elsewhere on campus,” Daley said. “I want it to be a space where faculty and students can converse more.”

Daley has worked with Jane LeBlanc and others in Counseling Services to make this program a reality, and said previous editions have cultivated some deep and honest conversations on many topics. A laid-back atmosphere in room 106 of Mary Walker, also known as the Harmony Center, is complemented by food and snacks and intended to provide a relaxing and welcoming environment.

“It is a restorative place aimed at equipping people with the skills to navigate their lives through a psychological and philosophical lens,” Daley said. “It is a third place on campus.”

Daley noted that, while students share a common home and academic experiences through the campus, some might see “divides and differences before our likenesses and similarities.”

“Those disconnects can cast heavy shadows, but they are easily dispelled through the light of hearing each other with the intention of understanding,” Daley said. “At The Saloon, that is our main goal: To foster a community of learners that promotes the transformation of their peers. Join us in transforming others and, in turn, transforming yourself!”

This project was something Daley had in mind when he transferred to Oswego. The Saloon started in spring 2023 and, as he prepares to graduate in December, Daley is happy to see students interested in continuing the program.

The program also showcases the programs and spaces of Counseling Services. Daley particularly recommends visiting the new Harmony Center in Mary Walker Health Center, which is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays, includes a massage chair, space to do homework in a relaxing setting and more.

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