Guest speaker Dr. David Morrow of American University will deliver the 30th anniversary Warren Steinkraus Lecture on Human Ideals, titled "Climate Justice and Carbon Renewal," at 4 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 25, in Marano Campus Center auditorium, Room 132.

Opening remarks will be by Dr. Robert Card, a professor in Oswego's department of philosophy who has done research in ethical theory, including biomedical ethics, business ethics and public policy.

"The topic of climate justice is relevant to us right now, because the vast majority of scientists confirm that human behavior is related to climate change, yet U.S. society now lags behind other developed nations in its commitment to address human-induced climate change," said Card.

Morrow, director of research at the Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment at American University, also is a visiting fellow at George Mason University's Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy. He studies climate ethics and climate policy with a particular focus on the ethics and governance of solar geoengineering and carbon removal.

As an example of this work, Morrow authored a 2014 article for the journal Ethics, Policy and Environment titled "Starting a Flood to Stop a Fire? Some Moral Constraints on Solar Radiation Management." He writes, "Solar radiation management (SRM), a form of climate engineering, would offset the effects of increased greenhouse gas concentrations by reducing the amount of sunlight absorbed by the Earth." Morrow goes on to examine the morality of such engineering, applying two constraints -- the Doctrine of Doing and Allowing, and the Doctrine of Double Effect -- to assess the argument for SRM and SRM research.

Book in progress

Morrow is currently working on a book on values in climate policy. He also is the author of several philosophy textbooks: "Giving Reasons: An Extremely Short Introduction to Critical Thinking," "Moral Reasoning: A Text and Reader on Ethics and Contemporary Moral Issues," "Workbook for Arguments: A Complete Course in Critical Thinking" and the co-authored "The Great Conversation: A Historical Introduction to Philosophy," now in its 8th edition.

Morrow holds a doctorate from the City University of New York and a master's degree in public policy from the University of Chicago.

It is because of the philosophy department’s respect for such ideals as climate ethics that the lecture series was established to honor the late Warren Steinkraus.

Steinkraus retired in 1987 after a distinguished career of scholarship and teaching. He was personally committed to a wide array of human ideals such as social justice, equality, peace, nonviolence and aesthetic quality.

"Congregating in person is different and may help us to hear one another better and to be open to new and different ideas," said Card. He said the selection of Morrow for the 30th anniversary lecture enables participants to consider that "various questions of ethics and justice are raised by the fact that human behavior has caused once fruitful lands to become arid and has given rise to climate refugees."

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People with disabilities needing assistance or special accommodations to attend this event should contact Lori Reitmeier of the philosophy department at 315-312-2249.