The annual Student Involvement Fair showcases some of the college's 200+ clubs and organizations. The 2017 edition runs 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Marano Campus Center.

For the 2016 edition, we followed around Ryan Fox, then a freshman at SUNY Oswego interested in student television station WTOP, among others.

"Okay, are you a freshman, transfer, junior?" asked a WTOP representative.

"Freshman," Fox replied.

A student representative at another table told Fox: "We got lots of jazz band options. I play bass guitar too."

"It's a gathering of all of our clubs and organizations, Greek organizations, honor societies and social academic and sports clubs that are here to, kind of show off what they have, what they've accomplished, what they're about and hopefully get students to join and be a part of their journey," said Emily Nassir, the Student Association president for the 2016-17 term and now a 2017 communication and social interaction graduate.

Student representatives at various tables explained the upcoming calendar to Fox. "So, Wednesday, we got a meeting," said one. "Well here's our season," another explained. "We meet every other Friday at 4 p.m."

"The student involvement fair is really an opportunity for all of the new freshman and new transfers and really anybody to come in and see all the incredible and different opportunities we have at SUNY Oswego," said Justin Dobrow, then the general manager of WTOP and a 2017 broadcasting graduate.

"I am registered to vote, but in Syracuse," Fox told a representative of Vote Oswego.

"Here you go," a student representative said while handing Fox an application. "Sweet!" he replied.

"It's amazing that we have so many students invested in extra-curricular activities and doing more beyond the classroom to kind of develop themselves in a different way," Nassir noted.

"It'd be on air, or produce it, or direct it or all of the above," a WTOP representative told Fox.

"My advice for a new freshman or a new transfer coming in to SUNY Oswego is just take a chance," Dobrow said. "Be involved."

Fox found it a fruitful day.

"It was nice, I got to sign up for WTOP," Fox said. I signed up for club baseball. Looked into getting an absentee ballot for voting in November. And just looked at a couple of other clubs like Pottermore and the League of Legends thing. It gives me an option to see everything that the campus has to offer." 

"So I think for freshman it's the perfect opportunity to kind of kick start what could be the best time of their life," Nassir said.

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