SUNY Oswego’s online master of business administration (MBA) program continues to rank top among public institutions in New York state by U.S. News and World Report in rankings released on Jan. 24.

For the overall online MBA, Oswego tied for 58th –- the eighth straight year as the top public offering in New York.

In addition, the university’s online bachelor’s business program –- a newer and continuously growing option –- tied for 79th in its second year on the rankings. This entry also placed the college among the top overall online bachelor programs.

Striving for a learner-centered, affordable and impactful program contributes to the online MBA’s ongoing success, said Prabakar Kothandaraman, dean of Oswego’s School of Business.

“Continuous improvement is at the core of what we do here at the School of Business, as demonstrated by our AACSB accreditation,” Kothandaraman said. 

“We use that ‘improvement’ mindset to challenge ourselves constantly to develop and deliver practice-informed curriculum, keep our faculty's intellectual currency current and embrace newer technology to nurture and support our students to succeed,” he added. “This approach, combined with the affordability for our students and our pursuit of creating societal impact in the community as a public institution, has been recognized in our MBA program being ranked as a top public option in the state.”

SUNY Oswego's graduate online MBA programs are up almost 40 percent from last spring, said Kristen Eichhorn, dean of graduate studies. 

"We attribute this growth to our program's quality -- people know that they will get the same quality of experience and with the same quality faculty as our well established face-to-face programs," Eichhorn said. "The public trusts our ability to deliver a quality program and they appreciate we can do this in a way that celebrates the culture of care that SUNY Oswego is known for."

This success builds on SUNY Oswego establishing its MBA 25 years ago and constantly working with students to enhance the program and its delivery.

“We have one of the most mature online MBA programs in the country and we support our faculty and students in thriving in an online learning environment by providing cutting-edge tools that break down any barriers to learning,” Kothandaraman said. 

This customized approach ensures students have individualized and supportive experiences.

“Our concierge-style student support and high-touch individualized academic advising will continue to have a razor-sharp focus on student success, irrespective of their professional and personal situations,” Kothandaraman noted. “Many of our students are working professionals and they can expect their learning experience at Oswego to elevate their knowledge and prepare them for higher pursuits in the business or nonprofit world.

Officials also noted the value of the SUNY Oswego MBA, coming in as much less expensive than especially the private college options seen in the rankings.

About Oswego's MBA

Oswego –- the first comprehensive college in the SUNY system to offer an MBA degree, starting in 1997 –- has increased the options students have for specializing within their graduate business studies, offering MBA programs in health services administration, management and public accounting. The college also offers a variety of graduate programs and five-year options that combine an MBA with such bachelor's degrees as in broadcasting, public accounting or psychology.

MBA delivery options include classroom-based in Oswego and/or blended classroom-online programs, as well as the online MBA.

For more information on Oswego's MBA programs, visit the MBA program website or email