The college's Sustainability Office is sponsoring a variety of activities for Sustainability Week, Oct. 19 to 23.

Sustainability Week is a chance for the student body at Oswego to get engaged and learn more about the role of being a sustainable member of society and on campus, organizers said. The goal for this effort is to inform and provide fun opportunities for students to stay involved sustainably.

The week started with Meatless Monday to promote plant-based eating in the form of various videos on the Oswego Sustainability YouTube channel and promotional social media. This includes promoting the Permaculture Living Lab, an on-campus garden that has had a reboot this semester.

Transpo-Tuesday will promote having a smaller carbon footprint in ways to utilize transportation. Organizers will promote Bus Share and Bike Share, two programs sponsored by the campus as means of transportation.

We Can Vote Wednesday will promote the importance of voting. The Sustainability Office will post information on the looks of this year's ballot and candidates' points on Climate Change. They also will host a game of Jeopardy online at 5 p.m. with voting pointers hosted by two interns. 

Thrifty Thursday will promote responsible consumption of clothing. The Sustainability Office will post photos of interns in their favorite thrifted outfit on the @ozsustainability Instagram channel and promote others tagging them in their favorite thrifted outfit online.

Freshwater Friday will promote the freshwater of the Great Lakes and its importance, as well as two programs that promote responsible environmental use: Tap In and Fill It Forward. The office also will sponsor a panel discussion of qualified professors in the afternoon to discuss freshwater in Oswego.

For more information, visit the Sustainability Office website or email