Two SUNY Oswego faculty members and one alumna were featured on a special CNYCentral extended segment on the mental health impact of COVID-19 on children.

"School suffering: The COVID crisis in children, a special NBC3 newscast" featured expert insight from counseling and psychological services assistant professor Michelle Storie (pictured above); John Garruto, an adjunct professor of counseling and psychological services and a school psychologist in the Oswego City School District; and Kara McCarten-May, a 2010 SUNY Oswego graduate of the master in school psychology program and now principal at Burton Street Elementary School in Cazenovia.

Looking at several aspects of the pandemic's impact, the report noted that the impact extends beyond the adjustments of schoolchildren. "I think it is impacting parents just as much as it’s impacting kids, and in some cases, even more so,” Storie said in the broadcast.

Read and view videos in this special report online.